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There are very few things that create the same sense of freedom as a ‘Big Sky’ – a horizon free of concrete and overhead lines is a liberating and exhilarating view. There’s a luxurious wildness to it and a sense of freedom from an oppression that we’re not even aware of until it’s gone. That picture is enhanced by the colour, scent and sound of plants, and accompanied by the sounds of happy pollinators. Sadly, many of us have to spend most of our time under ‘small’ skies – patches of blue glimpsed between rooftops or from the window of the car as we rush to the next appointment.

Inspired by the big sky country of the midlands of Ireland, Big Sky Flowers is the brainchild of Anna Browne. A (more or less) native of Mullingar, Anna has been exercising her ‘Green Thumbs’ since she was 11. We won’t tell you how long ago that was but it pre-dates the Internet!

The philosophy behind Big Sky Flowers is very simple: Sustainable Beauty.

Transporting flowers around the world has a huge environmental impact – think of all the carbon emitted by the ships and trucks involved. There are plenty of beautiful flowers that can grow in Ireland but are often overlooked in favour of generic imports. So why not source your flowers from a local grower, who works with the seasons?  Anna grows in her own garden, which is proudly ‘managed for biodiversity’. This means it’s a bee-friendly, chemical-free environment.